Useful tips about Casa Lili and T.D.P National Park

Casa Lili

En Casa lili lodging we provide a friendly and an efficient service to all our guest, so here we have some tips to make your trip to Puerto Natales an unforgettable experience.


  • Casa Lili has several options, if you can't stay in room, you can't put your tent paying 3000$CLP.
  • Every room has lockers bring your own padlock.
  • We have a storage room, so you can't throw your stuff there while you hike at Torres del Paine.
  • We have orientation chats for ours guests the orientational chat is the opportunity to deal with all your questions about what to do in Patagonia, the chat is open, without mattering if you are guest or not.
  • comfortable living room is available for watching movies on our lcd display, or to connect with your friends via WI-FI, there is also a place for BBQ to celebrate. Kitchen facilities as on a normal house fully equipped with home appliances, but remember to keep the kitchen using schedule and the total silence time, lodging mates.

Payment policies

  • No refunds at all on booking that were made on internet.
  • We just take cash payment on the hostel(we don't take credit cards)
  • In casa of lost or dammage of the gear rented, you must pay the total price of the rented item.(sorry!!)
  • The price expressed on this website are suitable for high and low season
  • El servicio de excurciones puede esta sujeto a cambios .



    In order to protect Park resources, and for the safety of yourself and others, please follow these rules and regulations while visiting the park:
  • Open fires are strictly forbidden (no exceptions).
  • Portable stoves are permitted only in authorized camping areas and must be properly protected from winds.
  • All trash must be carried out of the park. This includes cigarette butts.
  • Stay on established trails, do not hike alone.
  • Note closing times when planning your visit. If you plan to hike mountain trails, you must register at a Park Ranger Station prior to beginning the hike.
  • Camping is permitted only at authorized areas and shelters.
  • It is prohibited to damage natural or cultural features. Feeding or disturbance of wildlife is also prohibited.
  • Pets and other domestic animals are not allowed inside the Park.
  • Be prepared for extreme weather conditions. Bring proper gear and clothing.
  • If you plan to hike mountain trails, you must register at a Park Ranger Station prior to beginning the hike.
  • Respect and follow all Park Rangers’ guidelines and recommendations, they are the authority inside the Park.
  • All visitors must sign the registration form.
  • Visitors, who practice trekking, will receive a tag. This tag must be on a visible place while staying in this National Park.
  • Park rangers are authority.
  • Should you witness any dangerous or risky behavior, please inform a Park Ranger as soon as possible.
  • Do not expose yourself to legal sanctions or expulsion from the Park. Consider that any irresponsibility or carelessness can cause irreversible environmental damage and is punishable by law.